We've partnered with Individual Vision Plans from VSP®Vision Care, consumers' #1 choice in vision care, to provide you with low out-of-pocket costs and affordable premiums.

Choose an Optional Vision Plan for Savings and Convenience

Choose either quality Basic coverage or a more comprehensive Premium plan for access to a nationwide network and benefits that include:

  • Annual WellVision® exam
  • Prescription Glasses (frames & lenses)
  • No-line Bi/Trifocal Progressive lenses
  • Light-to-dark Lens Tinting (photochromic light-reactive lenses)
  • Extra Savings on other Lens Enhancements, Laser Vision Correction, additional Glasses/Sunglasses
  • Contacts (instead of glasses), including fitting & evaluation
Compare and Enroll

Prescription Glasses (Frames & Lenses)

Single vision, lined bifocal, and lined trifocal lenses. 20% savings on any amount over frame allowance.

Last Updated: 09/30/2018 18:36