C Plus is a Medicare Select (or Supplement) Plan that helps protect and helps cover you from the costs — or gaps — that Original Medicare doesn't pay for, including inpatient hospital deductibles and copays, Part B deductible, and coinsurance costs depending upon the C Plus plan you choose. C Plus works along with your Original Medicare, help fill in the "gaps" that Medicare alone does not cover. These "gaps" or costs, can add up to thousands of dollars, dollars that come out of your pocket — or your savings.

Join the thousands of Alabamians who choose C Plus for peace of mind and benefits such as:


Freedom of choice:

  • No referrals needed to see specialists
  • Access to our comprehensive network of providers, including a choice of hospitals and more than 11,000 Alabama physicians


C Plus benefits include:

  • $0 copays for Medicare-eligible doctor visits, outpatient hospital stays and emergency room visits
  • Medicare-eligible inpatient hospital stays - covered in full
  • No out-of-pocket costs*
  • Pre-existing conditions covered from the very first day
  • For more benefit information view the Outline of Medicare Supplement


Part of Your C Plus Health and Wellness Extras

SilverSneakers® by Tivity Health** — A fun and innovative health, exercise, and wellness program designed specifically for Medicare-eligible adults, SilverSneakers® can help you get fit while making new friends and enjoying a healthy lifestyle.


How do I know if a C Plus plan is right for me?

C Plus plans provide the kind of coverage many Alabama residents with Medicare have depended on for years. C Plus plans give you the freedom to choose any doctor, specialist or hospital you want without referrals. When thinking about which plan may be right for you, consider your personal needs and budget. C Plus plans do not include coverage for prescription drugs. That's why many Alabama residents choose to add BlueRx (PDP) coverage to their C Plus plan for more comprehensive protection.


Eligibility Requirements and Pricing

You can enroll in C Plus if you are both:

  • An Alabama resident; and
  • Enrolled in Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B.
  • An annual C Plus open enrollment will be offered each year to coincide with Medicare's Annual Election Period from October 15 to December 7. During this open enrollment, members can enroll or switch plans with an effective date of January 1. To enroll outside of the annual enrollment period, you must meet certain qualifications such as turning 65. For a complete list of enrollment guidelines, please refer to the Plan B or Plan F contract book.

If you receive full Medicaid or Qualified Medicare Beneficiary (QMB) program benefits, you are not eligible to purchase C Plus or any other Medicare supplement. Those who are under age 65 and have Medicare due to end-stage renal disease (ESRD) may not be eligible to purchase C Plus.

Premiums for Plan B and Plan F are based on your age at the time of enrollment. The age category you start with is the one you keep as long as you're continuously enrolled in that C Plus plan.† Your premium never "jumps" to the next age category.

NOTE: If you cancel your C Plus policy and then re-enroll in any C Plus plan at a later date, you will re-enroll at the age band that applies to you at the time of re-enrollment.

View an enrollment kit or request an enrollment kit

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama also offers Plan A, a Medicare supplement that provides you with basic hospital benefits. With Plan A, you can use any Medicare-participating hospital you want. For 2018, the monthly premium for Plan A is $115, regardless of your age. This is the 2018 premium and may change on January 1, 2019. You may print an application, complete and review it for accuracy, sign and date the form, and enclose the first month's premium.

Mail to:
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama
Attention: Med Supp/C Plus Applications
PO Box 11551
Birmingham, Alabama 35282-9722

* You must meet your Part B deductible on Plan B.

** SilverSneakers® Fitness Program is provided by Tivity Health Inc.™ ©2018, an independent company with subsidiaries and affiliates worldwide. All rights reserved.

† You must continue to pay your Medicare Part B premium.

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